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Rila under Threat!
The Rila Crew brochures "Rila under Threat!"
(dvdilable only in Bulgarian and French)
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Broshure 'Ski resorts in Bulgaria's mountains?'
With touching photos and few words this brochure illustrates what happened to Bansko in Pirin and what awaits Rila (the symptoms are identical) and leaves it up to the reader to make the choice about the adequate direction of development - preserved nature and beauty or ploughed up, eroding slopes, illegal lifts and a smoke-screen from SUVs, motorbikes, and ATVs in the high parts of the mountains.
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Broshure 'Rila Campaign' in 2008
A broshure presenting the value of the natural treasures in Rila Mountain, the threats from the illegal construction of new ski resorts, and the landmark successes of the civil campaign for preserving Rila Mountain from unauthorized development of such illegal projects.
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